Picture this. You come up with a new feature idea for your software. You think that the feature is necessary and without a doubt a great innovation. Your teammates agree and think users will need it. Enthusiastic that your team is on board with the idea, you all get to work on the feature. Once the feature is deployed, you are shocked to find that users think the new feature isn’t useful. They are also mad that you worked on this feature instead of developing a feature that they have been asking for. …

Creating a website design can be a complex task. Sometimes a lot of people are involved in this process. With a lot of people on the task, there needs to be a guide or reference to keep everything consistent and cohesive. This guide is also known as a design guideline.

Image source: https://www.thelogocreative.co.uk/logo-brand-guidelines/

A design guideline is a set of guides and recommendations that define a brand’s identity with color palettes, typography, etc. These rules should form a single style that can be used within different web pages and components.

Benefits of Design Guidelines

The main benefit of using a design guideline is to maintain consistency. Consistency…

Imagine putting together a group of highly skilled experts in their respective fields. On paper, the group sounds like a dream team. But then once the team goes to work, a lot of things don’t fulfill your expectations. Maybe it's because your team was missing one key element of a great team, team dynamics.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-people-holding-each-other-s-hands-3184424/


A team is a group of individuals that most likely have distinct characteristics, skills, and personalities. For those different individuals to produce outstanding results, they should be able to work together well in a team. That’s where team dynamics come in. Team dynamics is the way…

Source: https://lescinskas.lt/blog/2019/05/27/docker-basics/

When developing an application, sometimes we need to install additional dependencies and/or modify the environment. When we run the application on our own machine, it should work perfectly fine. On the other hand, running the app on other machines is another story. Other machines probably won’t have the same environment, operating system, or dependencies installed. Without any modification to the other machines’ environment, the app will most likely fail to run.

So how do we deal with this problem?

A great way to ensure your application runs well on other machines is by using Docker. Docker is a platform that…

Mockup template from https://www.anthonyboyd.graphics/mockups/surface-studio-on-table-mockup/

User Interface (UI) is the graphical interface which application, software, or website users interact with. These interfaces consist of the texts, images, inputs, and buttons that you see on your screen. UI is the first thing that users see when they open an your website, meaning that UI design gives users a first impression of the website. This first impression can determine whether the users want to keep using the website or close it. For this reason, presenting a good UI design on your website is very important.

Nielsen’s 10 Usability Heuristics

Let’s talk about good UI design. A good UI design isn’t only…

Image source: https://incorainc.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/1-1.png

Sometimes when we write a piece of code, it may be tempting to only write a code that works and not care about its readability. At first glance, spending more time on writing a good clean code may seem time and effort consuming, but in reality, clean code can actually offer a lot more than meets the eye.

Back when I was just a beginner to programming, my only objective was that my code could do the things that I needed it to do. I didn’t care about being organized with my code and had a bad habit of writing…

Sometimes, collaborating in a group project can be a hassle. Everyone has their own piece of code that they need to add. One way you could work together is by using a shared file system, where everyone has access to the same files. But of course this system would consume a lot of time, because only one person can only modify a certain file at a time to avoid overwriting other members’ works.

A better approach for team projects is by using Git. Git is a version control which allows us to work parallelly to our other team members. When…

Let me be honest. The first time I learned about Test Driven Development (TDD), I only thought of it as a tedious process that was just waste of time. Well, turns out that was because I didn’t understand just how essential TDD really is. After diving in deeper into TDD, I’ve realized that there is a lot more to TDD than meets the eye. In this article, we’ll be discussing just how important TDD is and how we can embrace it.

A Quick Introduction to TDD

Credit: https://easternpeak.com/blog/a-test-driven-approach-to-app-development-the-main-benefits-for-your-business/

TDD is an iterative programming cycle that consists of three main activities: creating the test, writing the code, and…

To get started, here’s an analogy to think about. Your cousin’s birthday is coming up soon and you need to buy her a present. The problem is you don’t know her well enough to know what to get her. After thinking for days, you finally decide on buying her a handbag because you remember that she doesn’t have one yet. On the day of her birthday, you give her the handbag. She says thank you, but it’s clear that she doesn’t like it. Turns out, your cousin doesn’t have handbags because she could never fit all her belongings into a…

In this current age, technological advances are ever changing. As a result, development teams need a way to respond and work with those changes. That’s where agile steps in. Agile is a modern take on software development that puts a spotlight on delivering a working software while also allowing changes to take place. It specializes in efficiency, adaptability, and customer satisfaction.

Agile Values

According to the Agile Manifesto, there are four key agile values:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Agile highly values the individuals behind the development process. The way members in the team interact with each other can make…

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